Japan Quality.

Everything we do serves to give shape to the customer’s ideas.
SORK FACTORY aims for nothing short of the pinnacle in manufacturing.

SORK FACTORY began by prototyping samples in 2009, but we steadily expanded our business reach in order to serve a broader range of customer needs. Today, we handle the full gamut of pattern making, material selection, specifications finalizing, sample prototyping and mass-production. Having our own sewing factory in-house is one of our strong points and has brought us a variety of orders, both for men’s and women’s apparel, from numerous customers.

Our staff ranges from fresh-minded youngsters to highly skilled veterans, but they share the same simple ‘interest in fashion and how apparel is made’ and are equally adamant about quality, attentive to detail and keenly aware of beauty. They are strongly motivated by the pride and sense of duty they feel in shouldering the ‘Made in Japan’ label.

At SORK FACTORY, we proactively introduce new technologies and ideas rather than hold ourselves to conventional concepts. We want to be the customer’s choice for turning their ideas into something tangible. We have prioritized customer satisfaction throughout our entire existence and will continue doing so via a concerted and never-ending effort to achieve greater heights in manufacturing.