Our Factory

We have two factories -- one each in Osaka and Nara -- for handling the diversity of jobs we get.

Osaka Factory

Our Osaka Factory is easily accessible from anywhere, as it is located in Minamisemba where many trading companies and wholesalers who deal in textiles and apparel concentrate. It is staffed with highly creative people that excel at teamwork and passionately address the diversity of requirements that customers have. The factory sports equipment and a production system for accurately and swiftly working with both pre-made materials and cut-and-sew jobs, and can flexibly procure materials and accessories.

Moreover, optional processing such as printing, embroidering and washing is provided through cooperating businesses with whom we work closely.

Nara Factory

Our second factory operates out of a renovated old home at the base of Mt. Katsuragi in nature-rich Nara Prefecture. We opened it in fall of 2016 to provide more services. The property boasts almost 1,000 m2 of area and several structures. The spaces and storehouses that are used for cutting, finishing and shipping, including the main and detached buildings, while there is a facility equipped for pre-washing. The 30-person workforce includes eager-to-learn youngsters and battle-hardened veterans, many of which come from the local community.


We use a wide network to flexibly serve whatever demands that customers have.

Both of our factories employ skilled, experienced and ambitious specialists, and have pipelines not just to businesses in Japan but many factories overseas as well. Flexibility is our strength, as we can handle any size order, large or small, and work with any and all requirements for a quick turnaround. We also have great procurement routes for materials and accessories, not only in Japan but also in Korea, China and every country in Europe.

And, we make use of an outside Japanese inspection company that can handle everything though import and export procedures. Leave your ODM needs to us, as we can do it all from planning to production.

Pattern Making

We aggressively invest in equipment in order to give full attention to even the smallest detail.

At SORK FACTORY, we can handle the whole flow of pattern making operations from grading in consideration of shrinkage to marking and determining material length. Work is done on state-of-the-art CAD systems and plotters for apparel, which enables us to ‘flexibly and immediately convert data into patterns without dimensional differences from samples’.

Our approach to business, which is well liked by customers, is to finalize specifications from photos or illustrations through repeated meetings with the customer. Our staff is also very forthcoming with opinions and ideas they come up with in the process, so we can promise you better-than-expected results.

Sample Prototyping

This is where we got started! There is original know-how in every nick and cranny of our factories.

Having started out in business by prototyping samples, we have developed technical skills and know-how all our own from the work we have done and built a solid track record of tailoring samples of all kinds to customer needs. Moreover, we have aggressively invested in equipment for meeting demands for customized sewing and processing, such as sewing machines and unusual attachments for making good quality lapping and flat seams.

Whether pre-made materials, cut-and-sew or knitting, we welcome orders from sample prototyping to production. Whatever your needs are, a good first step is to talk with us.